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Hey, are there any knowledgeable people who could give me safe binding tips? My sister and I would like to look reasonably flat for our Halloween costumes. I know not to use ace bandages, but I don’t know what TO use. Any help?

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andsculptedangels asked: Ok, so one time I was in a nativity play and I was Elizabeth. Well, my cue to walk off stage was supposed to be a baby's cry sound effect. However, one time we were doing a promo performance and instead of the baby cry a very intense song starts playing. Now, you gotta know, I laugh VERY easily and I had to hold it together and say "John is awake" (like, yeah John has his music really loud again) and pull Zechariah off stage with me WHILE THIS SONG WAS PLAYING. Let me tell you, I almost died.XD

Oh my gosh I’m pretty sure we all would have died.
Props to you for attempting to maintain composure.

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